Integrated Governance, Risk and Compliance on the ServiceNowâ„¢ Platform

Implementation & Build-out

Implementations of the GRC applications can be performed using ServiceNow's™ best-practices approach to Implementation Management in NowCreate™.

Alternatively, implementation can be done using a rapid Out-of-Box (OOB) approach using Design Thinking.  Design Thinking involves more involvement from the organization's teams that will be using the specific applications, customizing the user experiences (UX) and modifying workflows.  The UX customization in the Design Thinking approach has an objective of zero user training, enabling users, particularly infrequent users, to focus less on nuances in the application to complete their tasks, and more on analyzing data to have more confidence in the information, allowing quicker proactive decision-making and management. 

Both approaches use an Agile development process, and take advantage of the flexible, yet highly integrated ServiceNow™ platform.